Prophetic Word


Prophetic Deliverance is Coming!

It is time for you to take your position and arise Generational Warriors! It is time to take the message to the streets, and to the dark places where there is no light!

Arise, and move into a new dimension of pure and raw Spirit, the place I have called you to be! I birth you and call you forth for this day and hour! Now arise with your spiritual weapons in your hands!

You will search for ME with all of your heart, and shall find ME in ways in which your mothers and fathers have never known. For they are bound by prejudice, doctrine, and tradition. But you are the “Generation that is Free”! You shall move beyond those boundaries, and shall operate in open fields of anxious expectation and exploration of who I AM.

You will be taken places far within the spirit realm, where they have not experienced! You will be taken to the heights, depths, breadth, and width of MY GLORIOUS PRESENCE and POWER!

I will be in you, a source of power, that shall cause you never to deny who I AM! Seek ME! Thirst for ME! Yearn for ME, as you do your daily meal! Then I shall appear unto you, show MYSELF strong, reveal MY GLORY, and bring you to GREATER understanding of MY Deity and MY existence.

For I shall do a “new” thing within the earth through you! You shall be the generation that sets the world on fire, and compels the old to see the only True and Living God.